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Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Resort Bali, Indonesia
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The namesake of the world’s largest hotel company**, Wyndham connects with consumers by delivering the features that you would expect in a world-class hotel, including beautifully appointed lounge areas, smartly detailed guest rooms, distinctive dining options, and well-designed meeting spaces.

Both business and leisure travelers know they can trust the Wyndham name. That trust, combined with a strong reputation, makes Wyndham a powerful upscale option. With 134 properties globally, Wyndham is consistently characterized by best-in-class facilities. Wyndham’s strong affinity with both corporate and leisure clients allows the Wyndham brand to capture 71% of its revenue contribution via central system channels. ***

**Based on number of hotels

***Wyndham Franchisor, LLC Franchise Disclosure Document Dated March 31, 2019

Fast Facts

Brand Category: Upscale
Positioning: Comfort Perfected
Inspiration: Personal, Thoughtful, Comfort
Inception: 1981
Number of Hotels: 134*
Locations: Global; Urban & Resort
Type: New Construction & Conversion
Guest: Service-Minded Business & Leisure Travelers
Opportunity: Managed & Franchised


*As of December 31, 2019

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Brand Performance

71% Revenue Contribution via central system channels

*Wyndham Franchisor, LLC Franchise Disclosure Document Dated March 31, 2019

Globally, 77% of Wyndham hotels score a 4+ bubble rating on TripAdvisor

*TripAdvisor data as of Q1 2018

ADR of $144

*Wyndham Franchisor, LLC Franchise Disclosure Document Dated March 31, 2019

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