Select Service Owner Spotlight: Vic Patel

Vic Patel has seen success scaling his business with Wyndham’s select service brands. His combined business and hotel experience gives him a unique perspective. He can appreciate the benefits of Wyndham’s select service hotels.

As an owner with a 14-hotel portfolio, including La Quinta and Microtel, he has no plans to change what’s working so well. “Wyndham shows a true partnership,” he says. “We’re seeing the leadership creating great, owner-first culture. They’re listening to us.”

Prioritize Profitability with Select Service Hotels

Owners can choose the best combo of services for their guest mix and market with select service. “Select service is low-cost, and the operations are easier,” says Vic. You can pick and choose what works for you and offer only the services your guests and market demand.”

Vic Patel’s journey with Wyndham began several years ago, and he quickly came to appreciate Wyndham’s owner-focused approach. “I’ve seen both great support and leadership. Even today, I’m seeing the senior leadership creating a great culture.”

Advantages of Select Service with Wyndham

Select service hotels offer the fundamentals with a curated selection of the amenities characteristic of full-service properties. For Vic, Wyndham select service brands offer several advantages. 

1) Streamlined Operations

“In my eyes, it’s a great fit for someone who’s starting off,” says Patel. “Select service hotels offer easy operations if you have a smaller property.” He started with a 40-room hotel in 2011. At the time, he was staying in the hotel and could see the direct impact of any changes. Select service brands provided the ideal mix of cost control and choice.

2) Innovative Technologies 

As a Wyndham franchisee, you get access to best-in-class tech that makes it easier to operate your hotel — often for no extra cost. For example, you can manage staff and central housekeeping from a single digital platform with MOP, which streamlines and optimizes your staff’s most common housekeeping tasks. 

3) On-Demand Data Access

Property management systems (PMS) such as OPERA Cloud or SynXis Property Hub provide rate management along with food and beverage integration. Wyndham Community, meanwhile, gives owners real-time data analytics to help gain visibility into key operations. Owners can interact with their property management systems anywhere, anytime. Wyndham’s cloud-based IT infrastructure makes this possible.

4) Wyndham’s Global Sales Program

Vic praises the Wyndham Global Sales (GSO) team. The program supports both the hotel’s general manager and revenue management teams. GSO sellers work hard every day to gain relationships with key travel decision-makers and influencers within all levels of the companies and organizations to help fill the hotel with business travelers mid-week. “Wyndham has a great sales team,” he says. “They have sales teams for each different region. They’re very knowledgeable about their market.”

5) Owner Support

Patel also appreciates Wyndham’s support. “What I have seen is that Wyndham is listening to owners. It has been a very positive experience for me. I can see that Wyndham is trying to do their best. They’re here when we need them. They’ll come to Alabama if I need help. Other brands won’t do that.”

6) Billing and Costs

Two key successes are in billing and costs. Patel notes that Wyndham offers higher cost efficiency for products. This means they have lower costs than other brands. He also highlights improved efficiency in billing guests thanks to solutions such as Wyndham Direct.

7) Loyalty Programs

Vic has seen the positive impact of the award-winning Wyndham Rewards loyalty program, which benefits Wyndham franchisees across all chain scales. His first hotel is in Auburn, Alabama, a city that draws large crowds for college football games. These visitors need somewhere to stay. Wyndham’s loyalty program helps Patel’s properties capture guests of this event who are unfamiliar with the market but recognize his brands, thanks to their participation in Wyndham Rewards.

8) Efficiency and Profit

“The bottom line is that Wyndham has a major impact,” says Patel. “My Wyndham hotels are more profitable and more efficient than my other hotels. Even my building is more efficient.” This makes him comfortable looking at new opportunities from Wyndham’s recommendations and support. Vic has seen Wyndham in action and has enjoyed measurable success.

Patel's Tips for Owners

Regardless of hotel type, Patel offers two tips for both new owners and those looking to expand their portfolio:

1) Conduct In-Depth Brand and Demand Generator Research Before Diving in 

“There are a lot of brands out there,” he says. “And it can be hard to differentiate the brands. If you can’t do it, how can guests do it?” He suggests owners understand what tools, technology, and support brands offer. You will be better equipped to find your best fit and communicate brand benefits to guests.

2) Focus on Building Your Team 

“Wyndham can help you build your team,” he says. “There are general manager classes your staff can take online. If I have a new GM, they have to complete the online course. If they work out, I send them for a week of in-person training at Wyndham.” La Quinta and Microtel hotels offer what Vic Patel needs to improve revenue. But Wyndham forms the foundation. As he puts it, “Compared to other brands, Wyndham shows a true partnership.”

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