Owner Spotlight: Manolis Macropulos Talks Trademark

Manolis Macropulos’ family has been in the boutique hotel business since 1984, when his father bought a hotel in Mykonos, Greece. Known for his ability to spot emerging trends, he purchased the family’s current Miami hotel in 1998. Twenty-five years later, the MB Hotel is prospering, in part thanks to Macropulos’ partnership with Trademark Collection by Wyndham. 

Independent Operations, Collaborative Benefits

Trademark Collection by Wyndham is one of the industry’s fastest-growing soft brands. With a focus on independent and boutique hotels, Trademark allows owners to keep their independence while collaborating with Wyndham for ongoing support and expert advice.  

In Macropulos’ case, he was approached by Wyndham directly. He says he became good friends with many Wyndham team members who support the Trademark brand, something that didn’t happen with previous hotel partnerships. “I’ve had good conversations with the CFO, the CEO, etc.,” he says. “They’ve been nothing short of helpful, which is something I find unique.” Where previous partners struggled to support growing hotels across all their operations, Trademark provided the ideal combination of independence and assistance. 

Thanks to the structure, support, and staff offered by Trademark, independent properties have the tools they need to improve operations. And thanks to the brand recognition that comes with the Wyndham name, hotels can drive increased guest interest. What’s more, Wyndham’s loyalty program, the #1-ranked Wyndham Rewards, brings with it more than 100 million members, each of whom is a prospective guest.

The Trademark Advantage

“Boutique hotels have always been around,” says Macropulos, “but over the last 5-10 years, they’ve found more power in self-marketing. As a result, these hotels have been able to establish a niche for themselves.” Partnership with the right hotel brand — one that offers market experience, expertise, and a host of support resources — can help expand the reach of boutique hotels.

With Trademark Collection by Wyndham, owners can access benefits, including global marketing and sales support, revenue management, and operational support. Trademark is designed for hoteliers and mid-to-upscale property owners who are passionate about their hotel and want to offer affordable travel options in sought-after destinations.

“We had partnered with other brands who weren’t so well-rounded,” Macropulos says. “Trademark offers the combination of soft brand identity with a solid support structure and a good team surrounding it.” 

Macropulos' Biggest Wyndham Wins

When Macropulos’ father bought the Miami Beach hotel, it was known as the Brazil and was rated at just half a star. With time, effort, and a significant hotel renovation, the property earned four stars. It was renovated again in 2004-2005 and underwent its biggest renovation yet in 2017, adding 27 new rooms, a rooftop lounge, and a new pool.

“We were always the smallest hotel of the oceanfront resorts,” notes Macropulos, “and for a long time, our only draw was that we were on the beach. The more recent renovation allowed us to separate from the pack.” By adding features and amenities that guests wanted, the hotel was able to establish itself as a go-to option in a sought-after destination. 

With the hotel seeing success, Trademark offered a great opportunity to help drive additional success over time. “From a macro perspective, we were always going to see some growth at our hotel,” he says. “Trademark has helped us maintain a high-profit margin by not increasing our labor demands dramatically.” For Macropulos, tools such as the OPERA property management system and guest messaging powered by Canary Technologies helped provide both simple, clean interfaces and the ability to easily upsell hotel amenities and services.

According to Macropulos, the hotel is now seeing significant revenue per week on early checkins, late checkouts, and room upgrades. He also describes the revenue management side as a “massive winner,” in part because Trademark offers dedicated staff for revenue management questions and concerns.

Owner Insight: Tips for New and Aspiring Hoteliers

For new and aspiring owners, Macropulos offers three tips for success.

First, be passionate about what you do. His family has been in the hotel industry for more than 40 years. In 2020, he took over the operations side from his father, making this a generational business that helps provide long-term financial stability. 

Next on his list? Never stop improving. The family’s hotel has undergone three renovations to improve its rating and is currently in the middle of a kitchen remodel. Macropulos recognizes that as guest expectations evolve, hotels have two choices: Keep pace or get left behind.

Finally, he highlights the role of partnering with the right people. “Trademark is an excellent entry into the space,” he says. “There’s so much support within it. That’s what differentiates it.”

What's Next?

For Macropulos, the plan is to keep growing in tandem with Trademark. He’s already planning his next project — a mixed-use building across from the current hotel, which will combine additional rooms and retail shopping to make the most of the land the hotel owns.

For new and aspiring hoteliers, what’s next is what’s most important: Partnering with the right people. Backed by Wyndham and bolstered by Trademark, boutique and independent hotel owners can deliver unique guest experiences with a competitive market edge.

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