Wyndham's Thoughtfully Designed Services for Increased Revenue

For the past 15 years, Purvi Patel has managed the Days Inn by Wyndham San Antonio Northwest/Seaworld. As an experienced owner-operator, Purvi knows the importance of capturing the tourist, road-tripping, and infrastructure worker markets “It’s a hot market for tourists,” she says, “but the Days Inn brand is very well recognized, and Wyndham has truly become owner-focused.”

Purvi’s hotel has been able to keep its competitive edge in part due to the Dawn Package by Wyndham. The goal of the design is to improve the guest experience and drive greater RevPAR. In our newest owner spotlight, Purvi gives her take on the Dawn Package and Wyndham support.

A New Dawn: Advantages for Days Inn

The Dawn Package is all about modern, cost-thoughtful decor and furniture that helps drive returns for owners.

Key components of the Dawn design include:

  • New mattresses and bed bases
  • WynRest® linens
  • Updated headboard, wall imagery, and window treatments
  • Paint, flooring, lighting, seating, and case goods updates

Use the Hotel Room Restyler SM to see for yourself how the Dawn package can transform your space.

The goal of these elements is to enhance the guest experience and stand the test of time. They provide the value that discerning travelers need.

More Than Physical Design

But physical components are only half the story. Dawn features also help meet new and experienced hoteliers’ financial needs. For Purvi, Wyndham’s approach to sourcing is important. “Wyndham works with vendors to keep the price low for owners and the quality high for guests.”

Dawn Package is reflective of a deliberate guest-focused strategy by Wyndham. Purvi says, “Dawn offers a fresh look. It’s on-brand and very affordable for owners without sacrificing durability or quality. It helps the room to look bigger, cleaner, and brighter.” Purvi recommends both Wyndham and the Days Inn Dawn Package to new and aspiring hoteliers.

The Dawn Guest Room provides a simple starting point for new owners. It helps streamline the room design and furnishing process. This lets them focus on identifying demand generators and driving steady revenue. For current Days Inn owners, the Dawn Package helps ensure consistency across properties. This can help drive repeat business.

The Dawn Guest Room has helped deliver consistency for Purvi and her guests. Purvi also attributes her success to Wyndham’s:


Seeing Success With Wyndham

Accessibility of Leadership and Support Teams 

Purvi highlights the accessibility of Wyndham leadership. “When we need help, the brand leaders are there, or we reach out to our operations support team. We have so many people who are accessible and always try to help us figure out what’s going on. We have instant access to leadership — they’re one text or call away. Wyndham is good at listening to owners.”

Wyndham takes an OwnerFirst approach to franchise relationships. Leadership and support teams keep owners’ needs top of mind. For Purvi, partnering with Wyndham makes sense. “Wyndham always works with you — I always recommend Wyndham first.”

Best-in-Class Technology and Services at Highly Negotiated Prices

With Wyndham, owners can access cutting-edge technology at affordable prices. Take, for example, Wyndham’s revenue management software RevIQ, which was developed in partnership with the industry’s leading revenue management solution provider, IDeaS.

“The biggest technology help has been RevIQ,” Purvi says. “If I would have partnered with them by myself, it wouldn’t have been affordable for me.”

Another popular solution is Wyndham’s Signature Reservation Services (SRS). “SRS has made a huge impact on my business. I was so glad to have SRS as a Wyndham franchisee,” Puvi says. SRS handles guest reservations for owners and staff. On average, reservations made via SRS drive higher ADR than direct bookings¹. Owners only pay for calls that result in bookings.

Owner-focused Programs

“Thanks to Women Own the Room, I’m not afraid to move forward in this industry.” Purvi Patel

Wyndham aims to empower owners through its programs. For example, Women Own the Room is designed to support and encourage women hoteliers. It provides an inclusive community, personalized operational guidance, and much more.

Another program is BOLD ® (Black Owners & Lodging Developers). It offers aspiring Black hoteliers things like the BOLD ® Incubator, educational material, and a dedicated support team. The goal is to help them overcome barriers and increase the number of Black hotel owners.

Insights for New Owners and Current Hoteliers

Here are a few of Purvi’s tips for new and current hoteliers:

  • Find the Right Brand Partner: Purvi highlights the need to pick the right brand partner –  one that puts owners in control of their own business but is there when they need help.
  • Know Your Market Drivers: Make sure you understand the local guest markets. Purvi recognized both the leisure and infrastructure worker markets in San Antonio. She then took steps to reach those markets and stay competitive.
  • Understand Guest Expectations: This aligns with market drivers. When you understand your guests, you understand how to meet their expectations through things like room design.

Like Purvi, you can establish a successful and competitive hotel. It all starts with finding the right brand partner. See how Wyndham can help you reach that success. Reach out today


1On average, based on 2022 performance of hotels on SRS (DSCT and PCT). Your results may differ.