Travelodge by Wyndham Gardiner Yellowstone Park North

A New Adventure

A former ski bum makes Travelodge by Wyndham his basecamp

Travelodge is the basecamp for Eric Sheckleton’s very own adventure.

A renowned professional snow sports instructor turned hotelier, Eric was drawn to the Travelodge brand not long ago. He was intrigued by its call for adventure, loved the connection to the great outdoors, and was immediately attracted to the rugged Travelodge identity.

He became the owner of his first Travelodge in 2016, and converted two additional hotels near Yellowstone Park to the Travelodge brand by the end of the next year.

“As a traveler, my family, with two young girls, we’re dedicated to adventure travel as well,” Eric says. “So I just love the Basecamp for Adventure and the GO+Local initiatives. When we travel, we like to do the things not everybody is doing. To go to places only the locals know about. I believe Travelodge is heading in a direction where we are those experts and we expect our staff to be those experts that can help drive a unique experience for our guests. As a traveler, that’s what really matters to me about the Travelodge brand.”

A native of Billings, Mont., Eric says growing up, he was a “ski bum.” But as an adult hotel owner, his appreciation for the Travelodge brand goes much deeper than its outdoorsy culture.


“Travelodge has a strong position as the ‘Basecamp for Adventure’ through our continued partnership with the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA),” says John Henderson, vice president of brand operations for Travelodge. “Owners like Eric have truly embraced this collaboration through guest experiences that inspire travel and adventure around the national parks.”

As Eric says, “Whether you’re coming alone or with a family, we’re going to be there to help you find the best place to eat, to find a local microbrew, get a cup of coffee that’s better than anywhere else, where to go for a bike, or someplace to avoid the lines.”

His passion is having a profound impact on his business. At his Bozeman property, Eric has seen year-over-year performance improvement, and even reported a boost in RevPAR of as much as 45% during certain off-season months, driven by increased occupancy.

Beyond the Travelodge brand, Eric says one of the keys to his success has been taking advantage of Wyndham’s many services and benefits. “You’d be hard pressed to find a bigger supporter of Wyndham Rewards,” he says.

Eric has also found value in the School of Hospitality Operations, attending the Global Conference, and marketing, which he sees as a huge benefit for smaller properties.

“Even more, I appreciate the relationships with the individuals in Wyndham,” he says. “From our regional team to the brand leadership, it is easy to pick up a phone and get an answer or brainstorm solutions to a problem.”